Additional services

Pet N Play:  $6.00 per session 

Your pet will be taken to the front exercise yard for twenty minutes of fun with a kennel technician.  This allows your pet the opportunity to romp around the yard off-leash, play fetch, and enjoy quality time being pet and loved on.

Pet N Pool: $6.00 per session

Your pet will be taken to our pool area to splash around and cool off for twenty minutes in a kiddie pool. Many dogs love the water, especially in the summer months.  

Brushing: $5.00 per sesssion

A kennel technician will brush your pet, removing shed fur and giving them plenty of love in the process. 

Potty Walk:  $4.00 per session

Your pet will be taken for on-leash walk in our front yard with a kennel technician for ten minutes. 

Baths:  Small Dogs $10.00, Medium Dogs $20.00, Large Dogs $30.00, Giant Dogs $40.00

Baths are given by kennel technicians, towel dry only.  Baths are given on the day of departure. Pick up is between 4:00pm-6:00pm to allow for your pet to dry off.

Nail Trimming: $10.00 per dog