feeding & medication


We feed a high quality lamb and rice dry food mixed with wet.  Dogs are fed twice a day at 7:30am and 4:30pm unless otherwise specified. 

If you prefer us to feed your own food, please supply it to us portion packed in zip lock bags. There is no additional charge to feed your own food. Refrigerator and microwave are available if needed for meal preparation. 


Please feel free to bring treats for your dog while boarding.  There is no additional charge for bringing them and it may also help us if they have problems eating while boarding

We provide stainless steel food bowls which are washed and sanitized after each use. 


We are happy to administer medication at no additional charge.  Kennel Technicians are trained in how to properly administer any medications.  Oral medications are served in sliced cheese or a meatball consisting of canned food.